We are always on the lookout for creative interns that can work independently and are not afraid to try out new ideas that challenge us. Contact us if you want to get involved.

2020 - 2021

Aourora Ntoumi

University of Groningen
supervisor: Guy De Pauw Hate Speech Detection Aourora will research the topic of hate speech detection in Greek and Albanian by reviewing and extracting hate speech lexicons as well as applying machine learning techniques to social media data and target languages.

Søren Fomsgaard

VU Amsterdam
supervisor: Tom De Smedt The style of conspiratorial texts Looking into whether there is an identifiable style in Qanon tweets, as represented by this data. Using features from stylometry and human-interpretable machine learning, I want to see to what extent the language of the group as a whole can be identified relying on linguistic features alone, while reflecting on the ethical aspects of doing this.

Boris Marinov

University of Groningen
supervisor: Guy De Pauw Social Network 3D Analysis Boris will research a general pipeline for performing and visualising social network analysis (SNA) on Twitter data with regards to the QAnon movement. He will extract NLP-based attributes from the tweets and attempt to use them to cluster groups of influential users, as well as capture the discourse flow and general location outreach of the conspiracy movement.

2018 - 2019

Elizabeth Cappon

University of Antwerp
supervisor: Gijs van Beek Hate Speech Detection Elizabeth will research the reliability of human annotation in the task of separating hate speech from mere offensive and neutral language in Dutch and how this affects the accuracy of the automatic detection of racist, anti-lgbt and sexist rhetoric.

Wout Vandeberg

KU Leuven
supervisor: Guy De Pauw Wout will develop classification techniques that can help detect online disinformation, polarisation and political bias for the back-end of the VJF-funded platform Sentiment analysis techniques will be deployed to detect discussion hot spots on social media.

Andriy Kosar

KU Leuven
supervisor: Guy De Pauw Verbatim Miner Andriy will research techniques to facilitate the extraction of actionable insights from the open-ended fields (verbatims) of surveys. Both supervised (NPS-matching) and unsupervised (topic detection) techniques will be investigated.

Harichandana SNL

KU Leuven
supervisor: Redouan El Hamouchi Harichandana will research text mining techniques to extract information from hotel descriptions and reviews to power an AI engine that aggregates information for travelers with specific requirements, such as halal amenities.

Pierre Voué

KU Leuven
supervisor: Tom De Smedt Hate Speech Detection Pierre will research the topic of hate speech detection and threat assessment in the context of online right-wing extremism in English, as well as the ethics involved in such data processing.

2017 - 2018

Leonie Vanstappen

University of Antwerp
supervisor: Guy De Pauw Leonie localized prior work on fake news detection to Dutch. She collected data of left, as well as right leaning news media and then investigated automated techniques to detect sensationalist rhetoric and biased reporting. Leonie's work was nominated for a Leo Polak prize.

Leïla Saoud

supervisor: Guy De Pauw Leïla developed an expansive annotated corpus of incidents of French racism on social media, as well as automatic classification systems. Her work has proven to be a tremendous asset for our hate speech detection technology and is now being deployed in the context of Project Grey.