Text analytics API

Text analytics API

From information overload to actionable insights

Get a grip on data with AI-driven intelligence

Cut through the clutter of newspaper articles, e-mails, social status updates and massive amounts of documents. Identify relevant opinions, trend shifts, threats and opportunities with our multilingual text analytics API. Built on R&D at the University of Antwerp our AI engine powers text analytics and profiling services that will do the reading and analyzing for you. Multilingual, in real-time, without server-side data retention. Secure, lightning fast and affordable.

Information extraction

Our text analytics API determines the language and genre of your documents and identifies the most import key words. Like your very own AI-driven Swiss army knife, our API comes with additional tools like lemmatization, part-of-speech tagging, geocoding and many more for optimal content extraction and conversion.

Sentiment analysis in 15+ languages

Turn social streams into your personal 24/7 polling station. Observe and analyse opinions about your product, organisation or idea worldwide and convert them into actionable insights. Available in more than 15 different languages.


Find the person behind the opinion

Who are your customers? Who’s writing about your products or organisation? By analysing personal writing style we automatically detect:

100% your data

We do not rely on external service parties such as Google Cloud Services or AWS. We process your data exclusively on our cloud servers, using our own proprietary text analytics pipelines. Our real-time classification engines ensure that your document is not retained at any time or place.

Make our text analytics API work for you

Missing any services, functionality or languages that you'd like us to cover? Get in touch and find out how you can get your wishes on our todo-list. Our text analytics API is in continuous development, so regularly adding new languages and tools is part of our DNA.

Not a developer?

If you're not a developer, you can upload a CSV or Excel file. The server will analyze the text in each row, and automatically fill in empty cells in the language, genre, concepts, sentiment, age, gender, education and personality columns.

Start now

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Go to DevOps straight away

Our API is easily integrated in your existing pipeline. Consult our OpenAPI 3.0 specs for the technical nitty-gritty.

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