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Five decades of academic experience

Textgain® was founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the University of Antwerp. Capitalizing on more than 5 decades of combined experience in language technology, we aim to put academic excellence to the best possible use.

Driven by data

We aim for innovative applications that are driven by data. We avoid the use of template-based knowledge models, as they tend to reduce reality to preconceptions, rather than model the real world.

Available to everyone

We believe technology as powerful as natural language processing (NLP) should be available to everyone. Our API builds on the University of Antwerp's open-source NLP library Pattern. We have improved and expanded many of Pattern's functionalities and offer them at attractive rates, starting from a completely free tier.

Realistic and transparent

Artificial Intelligence is a highly exciting, mercurial field, so it comes with its own traps, ranging from irrational fear to inflated hope. We will always communicate in full transparency and not hesitate to be honest about both the possibilities and limitations of our work.

"Textgain has been invaluable for our projects"
Gladys Tyen
Africa's Voices

Selected clients

Textgain in person

Guy De Pauw

CEO & Co-founder
Dr. Guy De Pauw is a language engineer with a passion for Artificial Intelligence. After 20 years in academia, Guy is now committed to bringing powerful machine learning driven NLP solutions to the market.

Tom De Smedt

CTO & Co-Founder
Dr. Tom De Smedt is an established coder and a respected member in the open-source community. He is motivated by identifying and solving challenging tasks in an efficient and elegant way.

Gijs van Beek

CBDO & Co-Founder
Gijs van Beek MSc. is an action researcher and business developer in complex environments. He likes to work with and between profit / non-profit, technology, content, different stakeholders and target groups to create improvements for society (big data for good).

Redouan el Hamouchi

COO & Co-founder
Since the start of his career, Redouan el Hamouchi MSc. has been walking the line between strategy, innovation and technology. Redouan has an entrepreneurial spirit and is motivated by disrupting the status quo, making an impact on society and creating value.

Elizabeth Cappon

Data Scientist
Elizabeth has an MsC. in Computational Linguistics and is passionate about AI, deep learning and NLP. She is particularly interested in compiling quality data sets in the context of digital humanities and projects with a societal impact.

Pierre Voué

Data Scientist
Pierre has an MsC. in Artificial Intelligence and was inspired by movements such as "Data for Good" and the "Center for Humane Technology" to join Textgain in leveraging language technologies for a healthy society.

Andriy Kosar

Data scientist
Andriy Kosar is passionate about helping companies to transform their businesses with technology. He holds M.Sc. in AI and MBA and has 10+ years of experience in the IT industry.

Lydia El-Khouri

Project Manager
Lydia has worked in the field of Freedom of Expression for over 20 years. She has worked on media programmes including diversity, inclusion, media literacy, freedom of expression and hate speech in the Balkans, Europe, South Caucasus and the Middle East North Africa region.

Lisa De Smedt

data scientist
Lisa has MAs in Historical Linguistics and Computational Psycholinguistics, and is driven by the potential to make a positive societal impact. She has performed machine learning experiments on linguistic complexity, and non-automated diachronic sentiment analysis of news articles.

Olivier Cauberghs

Head of Textgain Academy
Olivier Cauberghs is a former detective of the Belgian Federal Police and a specialist in the detection of (online) radicalisation. As the Head of Textgain Academy, Olivier combines his field expertise and teaching experience to develop a training portfolio that bridges the gap between the Textgain technology and first-line practitioners training needs.

Walter Daelemans

Scientific Advisor & Co-Founder
Prof. Dr. Walter Daelemans is a Professor at the University of Antwerp. His role is to keep the active members of Textgain up to date on the latest trends in the academic NLP community.

Advisory Board

Antal van den Bosch

Peter Driessen

Jos Smeets