My Account

You can enrol for a subscription. This will produce a monthly order, payment and invoice. You can cancel your subscription, after which it will disappear from your list of subscriptions, but your previous order details and invoices will still be available from your account. Once you cancel your subscription, no new orders will be made until you resubscribe to an old subscription or buy a new one.
We hear you! You can always upgrade (or even downgrade) your existing subscription. Your payment details will be updated automatically. If the package size you’d like is not available from the site, contact us to see if we can compile a custom package for you.
At the moment, our dashboard only allows you to enroll for one subscription at a time. If you need more requests, you can upgrade your subscription to a bigger plan. If you need multiple keys (e.g. different packages for different team members), get in touch and we’ll sort you out.
If you want your account to be deleted and your personal data to be expunged, please contact us. We will then proceed with the erasure request, after validating your identity.