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NLP products & services

How can you uncover actionable intelligence in your documents and data streams?
Discover our wide range of AI-driven services and ready to use applications.

Gain insights from unstructured data with our Text Analytics API

Extract valuable metadata from your unstructured data through our REST-API and enhance your business intelligence pipelines:

  • Text analytics API
  • Real-time, cloud-based
  • 15+ languages
  • Easily integrated

On-site data intelligence

Dealing with documents and data streams that simply cannot leave your intranet? Have our API deployed on-site:

  • Fully on-site
  • Maximum security
  • 15+ languages
  • Easily integrated

Custom data analysis

Have your custom natural language processing classifiers (NLP) developed based on your own in-house data:

  • Automation pipelines
  • Any document categorization
  • Universal information extraction
  • Deployed on-site as you see fit

NLP consultancy & training

Get real with NLP. No hype, no inflated expectations. We apply decades of academic R&D to your projects:

  • Get the guidance you really need
  • Actionable, realistic & transparent
  • Hands-on workshops and tutorials
  • Attractive rates
Besides our core services, we also developed a range of industry specific solutions together with our trusted partners.

Moderate and code user-generated content

Efficiently moderate and code user-generated content with Content Coding and Moderation (CCM):

  • Citizen participation and ideation platforms
  • Automate help desks and customer service portals
  • AI-driven data processing
  • Innovative human-machine interactive dashboard
  • Co-developed with our partner Tree company

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