AI-driven NLP services and applications

  • Real-time Text Analytics

    Gain a unique advantage with our Natural Language Processing tools for GDPR-compliant user profiling, content extraction and sentiment analysis.


Artificial Intelligence that reads between the lines

Our multilingual business intelligence services extract valuable metadata from your documents (reports, legislation, social conversations, ...). Our privacy-by-design approach ensures the safety of your data and that of your customers. Discover actionable content inside your documents. Manage your brands through social media sentiment analysis. Get unique insights into the age, gender, education level and personality of your users.

GDPR-compliant Profiling

Fully GDPR-compliant document de-anonymization and demographic data harvesting (age, gender, education level, personality).

Content Extraction

Uncover actionable content inside your documents, from longitudinal trends to the needle in the haystack, with our wide range of NLP tools.

Sentiment Analysis

Robust real-time social insights for online brand management & surveying. Global reach, available for over 15 languages.

NLP solutions for every Industry

Like your very own AI Swiss army knife

Marketing & Trend Analysis

See the bigger picture with trends uncovered in your reports, intelligence and social conversations.

 Cyber Security

Identify both opportunities and threats by using text analytics on large data streams.

 Customer Service

Cut through the noise with actionable insights into the daily interactions with your customers.

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